Lap Pool CLOSED-
Mother nature wins the battle and the lap pool is officially closed until Spring Time.  
New Mailing Address for CLFCA-

For any written letters to your CLFCA Board of Directors, please use our new address:

PO Box 1193
Seabrook, TX  77586

New Deeds Restrictions Email Address-
Send any / all suspected Deed Restriction Violations to this email address: read more ...




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 in Taylor Lake Village and Pasadena 

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TLV Emergency Alerts:


1 Siren:  WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP sound means turn to radio station KTRH AM 740 or call the CAER line @ (281) 476-2237 for information.

Siren: UP and DOWN sound similar to a police siren means "shelter in place" - go in-doors (including pets), close all doors and windows, turn off air conditioners, and turn to radio station KTRH AM 740 or call the CAER line @ (281) 476-2237 for emergency info.

3  Siren: STEADY TONE sound for 3 minutes means "All Clear"

NEWS: A Network Emergency Warning System has been added that works through the emergency 911 system and allows City Hall to tape a brief emergency situation message The message is then sent by calling your home phone number. The Mayor used this system last year during the hurricane evacuation.
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