CLFCA Homeowners' Fees Due JULY 1st-

Please note, due to poor record keeping from prior accountants, many of your beginning balances my be different than what you're expecting. If you believe there is an error, please email proof of payment (ie. bank statement showing cleared check or online receipt from Official Payments) to Even if you feel your beginning balance is wrong, you can still pay current amount due at any time by check (mail to Canady & Canady) or online at

Payments received after August 1st will be considered late and a $25 late fee will be applied. Failure to receive an invoice is not a valid reason for non-payment. Please contact if you did not receive an invoice in the mail.


 Please clean up after your dog.







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 in Taylor Lake Village and Pasadena 

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TLV Emergency Alerts:


1 Siren:  WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP sound means turn to radio station KTRH AM 740 or call the CAER line @ (281) 476-2237 for information.

Siren: UP and DOWN sound similar to a police siren means "shelter in place" - go in-doors (including pets), close all doors and windows, turn off air conditioners, and turn to radio station KTRH AM 740 or call the CAER line @ (281) 476-2237 for emergency info.

3  Siren: STEADY TONE sound for 3 minutes means "All Clear"

NEWS: A Network Emergency Warning System has been added that works through the emergency 911 system and allows City Hall to tape a brief emergency situation message The message is then sent by calling your home phone number. The Mayor used this system last year during the hurricane evacuation.
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