Board of Trustees



Trustees are elected by members of the Association and serve two year staggered terms. Trustees are members of the Association. Further details can be found in the Association By-Laws on the Documents page.

Board meetings are scheduled on the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Scout Hut at Baronridge Park @ 7:00 P.M.  Meeting notices are posted online at the Home page, and the pool bulletin board, and Baronridge Park bulletin board. 

Alan Bates
Term ends: June 2019

Parks & Entryways
Chris Keeling
Term ends: June 2019

Alison Martin
Term Ends: June 2018 

April Stoffle
Term Ends: June 2018

Vice President, Pool Supervisor
Chris Wojtowicz

Cell:  248.417.5235
Term Ends: June 2019 

Lily Zhang
Phone: 713-783-1021



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